Startup Sales Secrets

I’ve Discovered A New Sales Strategy For Startups. That Almost Nobody Knows About… That has the ability to help you differentiate your startup right from the very beginning and accelerate businesses growth.

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Startup Sales Secrets

Startup Sales Secrets is a book that outlines 3 core principles that MUST be considered for any business to succeed in sales.

Sales are getting more difficult as buyers have so much more access to information online. If we don’t lead them through their buying journey, the chances of building a process that produces consistent results will be severely impacted.

I hope you enjoy this book and thanks for downloading. You will get a PDF (4MB) file.

"These 3 core principles in Startup Sales Secrets have given me far more context about where our potential clients are on their buying journey, what is important to them, and what effort we need to apply to help. This ultimately put us in a far stronger position to win them because we are now focusing on their immediate priorities."

- Ben Hallet Co-Founder & CEO

So What Will This Book Teach You

You’ll learn how to penetrate new markets with your new business while staying 2 steps ahead of the competition.

Critically, you will also be gathering the building blocks for a powerful scalable sales framework for the future growth of your business.

For example, I used the exact same principles in this book to help win many multi-million dollar B2B SaaS deals in my day job as an enterprise SaaS salesperson.

I’ve coached many founders of startups to use the same approach with great results.

One of my clients in the B2B university software space used this approach to completely rethink their sales opportunities, reposition their message, and has since expanded into 3 other continents around the world.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

OPENING your eyes to truly what a sale is...Once you do, everything changes. Page 5

Realizing sales isn't only a numbers game...simply increasing sales activity won't get you the RESULTS you need. Page 21

​Why "Innovators" are critical for PROVING the benefit you provide to others. Page 29

​How building a winning sale strategy and writing code at your startup has some surprising similarities. Page 44

Why becoming an expert in your buyer's journey is the secret to SUCCESS for your startup. Page 57

Understanding the formula of how people buy so you can align your sales efforts to CLOSE more sales. Page 58

How to create real INTEREST in your startup with prospective buyers by aligning your vision with theirs. Page 65

What you must do with your target clients to create DEMAND. Page 72

How to be PROACTIVE in your sales efforts and outperform the existing competition. Page 75

​5 things nearly all startups have got BACKWARD when it comes to sales. Page 14

​How to maximize your chances of success by finding specific clients who know exactly the problems you solve and are looking for a solution NOW! Page 25

Why you must be an EXPERT in the problems you are solving for your clients and develop tools to measure the BENEFITS you provide. Page 33

Why breaking down your target markets is crucial in creating your winning sales STRATEGIES and closing more deals. Page 46

​It's only when buyers see excellent VALUE will you ever be able to sell. Page 57

​How to STACK the sales deck in your favor. Page 62

How to overcome the stigmas of salespeople when you make contact to build a GENUINE connection. Page 67

Easily prepare to help your target clients buy and stay ahead of the COMPETITION. Page 73

​By adopting a continuously LEARNING sales strategy, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be able to evolve your sales process. Page 77

You’re right...that is a ton of proven, immediately useful strategies and tactics. And it’s stuff nobody else is going to tell you about, because nobody else is doing it.