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Develop The Right Sales Strategy For Your B2B Service or SaaS Business By Focusing On Your Clients

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The Right Strategy Changes Everything

Solve Sales Challenges

The goal of every organisation is to create a repeatable sales process to efficiently win new clients. Uncovering your Sales Market Fit will help you understand the journey your target markets must go through in order to buy.

Once known, aligning your processes to help them quickly progress through these stages will maximise your value and separate you from the competition.

Accelerated Growth

Finding your Sales Market Fit helps you understand the length of time a client will typically spend at each stage along their journey in order to buy your product or service.

A key outcome is to reduce the average length of sale and achieve accelerate predictable growth for your business as a consequence.


Every business has competitors and differentiating ourselves is one of the most important activities we need to do in order to create consistent demand.

A key component of developing your right strategy is to develop tools and processes to differentiate yourself from the competition and give you an unfair advantage to win more deals.

Startup Sales Secrets


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"As a SaaS founder leading the Sales team, it was refreshing for me to learn some of the best practices of sales planning to execution tracking as it helped me reinforce our outbound efforts...

Every session of his was well planned with specific objectives. Apart from his regular sessions, he also had coaching sessions with founders who wanted to refine their sales strategies for their specific businesses. Gavin is a thorough sales practitioner, who continues to impart his years of learnings to fellow sales professionals."

— Praveen Kumar - Co-founder (Klenty)

"This program really helped us evaluate our sales pipeline and really saved us from heading in the wrong direction with what we thought was important to some of our prospective clients.


Once we applied the contents of this program, we recategorised our potential clients and uncovered some priorities important to them that we were not aware of. This ultimately put us in a far stronger position to win them because we are now focusing on their immediate priorities. 


The Sales Market Fit program has given me far more context about where our potential clients are on their buying journey, what is important to them, and what effort we need to apply to help."

— Ben Hallet - Co-founder & CEO (Vygo)

"As founders with an accounting and asset management background, sales is a new skill we realised we needed to master for our business to be successful. Sales Market Fit helped us break down the sales process in a more transparent and structured way. 

This allowed us to find touchpoints in our sales process that we could tweak to be more relevant for our business. Furthermore, it also helped us recognise patterns across multiple clients so we can continuously improve our effectiveness. 

Gavin has created a collaborative community of participants that has enabled us all to share stories and learn from each other to accelerate our learnings."

— Natalia Florez - Co-founder & CFO (LOGiT)

"I would highly recommend the Sales Market Fit! For any B2B SaaS Founders, Gav intimately understands Enterprise Sales, its complexities, needs/tactics for each stage for lengthy sales cycles, and most importantly “creating demand” on the customer side that helps drive results (i.e. sales!). 

Having completed other sales courses before, Sales Market Fit is the only I’ve found that is dedicated to the complex, B2B SaaS space!”

— Alastair Blenkin - Founder & CEO (ProcurePro)

"I have undertaken this course, and learned first hand with Gavin how to create and implement my own sales market fit process - and it has paramount in the success of our product.

In the last 12 months (and mind you during a pandemic), we were able to grow our MRR (monthly recurring revenue / SaaS subscriptions) by 15x, whilst reducing the sales cycle from 1-2 months down to less than a week on average."

— Alex Urquhart - Sales & Marketing Manager (Volaby)

"The Sales Market Fit program has given us the tools and most importantly the processes to confidently engage with any enterprise company.


Where we used to hit barriers as a start-up selling a product where we now have conversations as a trusted partner building a solution. Highly recommended for any B2B SaaS company."

— David Cole - Founder & CEO (FlyFreely)

About Me

If we haven’t officially met, my name is Gavin Tye and I’ve been in sales for more than 20 years across many different industries.

In 2015, I started at a B2B enterprise SaaS startup where we had a unique value proposition, unlike any other software company in the market.

We truly believed the business was going to sky-rocket and I’d joined on the right side of the hockey stick growth all SaaS companies strive for. 

Just like most things in life, plans don’t always go according to plan.

See the thing is, when you sell anything of high value (particularly SaaS software), into existing markets where your competition comprises of mostly Fortune 500 companies, the normal rules of sales don’t apply.

The fundamental challenge we needed to overcome was, how do we get our ideal customers (mostly conservative government organisations) to see our unique value and want our solution in their business.

No doubt similar to your business, we needed to figure out how to overcome this challenging obstacle.

Otherwise, the business would fail and my friends would not be able to put food on the table for their families. I shouldered this as my sole responsibility to solve this riddle.

What I discovered was life-changing...

If we think about it from the client side, they have access to so much information that by the time they engage with the market, they are almost 70% through their buying cycle and have nearly fully formed ideas on what they want which is understandably influenced by existing technology.

This presents a real problem for new and disruptive start-ups, their unique value is being overlooked if they aren't already on their radar or can't be found easily. 

I figured out after thousands of meetings with clients and applying a continuous learning approach, the only way to overcome this mammoth obstacle is to engage with prospects earlier in their buying journey in order to lead them towards seeing our unique business value over the competition. 

I wouldn’t consider myself a typical salesperson, I’m not flashy, loud, or really like the spotlight...I’m actually quite introverted.

My problem-solving qualities, deep thinking and being observant, has helped me excel at B2B SaaS sales by not selling. Instead, I help create demand by focusing on highlighting the problems for our target clients in a unique, measurable way, where we are the best option to solve.

When you understand how businesses get to their buying decisions and how you can help them along that journey, this new perspective will sit with you forever, accelerating sales within your business. 

For me, once I mastered this approach, my length of sale was reduced by up to 75% with an average deal size of over $2 million.

More importantly, we were 2 steps ahead of our competitors ultimately winning more deals regularly by helping our future clients through their internal decision making process and giving them the right information, at the right time to maximise our value in their eyes. 

For SaaS businesses to not only survive but thrive, we need to learn lessons from other industries, be more proactive, and outthink the incumbent competition.

Finding your business's Sales Market Fit will help you do just that...

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