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Client Success Stories.

What Do Our Clients Say After Taking Our B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Coaching and Courses?


“I have undertaken this course, and learned first hand with Gavin how to create and implement my own sales market fit process – and it has paramount in the success of our product.

In the last 12 months (and mind you during a pandemic), we were able to grow our MRR (monthly recurring revenue / SaaS subscriptions) by 15x, whilst reducing the sales cycle from 1-2 months down to less than a week on average.”


“I would highly recommend the Sales Market Fit! For any B2B SaaS Founders, Gav intimately understands Enterprise Sales, its complexities, needs/tactics for each stage for lengthy sales cycles, and most importantly “creating demand” on the customer side that helps drive results (i.e. sales!).

Having completed other sales courses before, Sales Market Fit is the only I’ve found that is dedicated to the complex, B2B SaaS space!”


“As founders with an accounting and asset management background, sales is a new skill we realised we needed to master for our business to be successful. Sales Market Fit helped us break down the sales process in a more transparent and structured way.

This allowed us to find touchpoints in our sales process that we could tweak to be more relevant for our business. Furthermore, it also helped us recognise patterns across multiple clients so we can continuously improve our effectiveness.

Gavin has created a collaborative community of participants that has enabled us all to share stories and learn from each other to accelerate our learnings.”


“The Sales Market Fit program has given us the tools and most importantly the processes to confidently engage with any enterprise company.

Where we used to hit barriers as a start-up selling a product where we now have conversations as a trusted partner building a solution. Highly recommended for any B2B SaaS company.”


“This program really helped us evaluate our sales pipeline and really saved us from heading in the wrong direction with what we thought was important to some of our prospective clients.

Once we applied the contents of this program, we recategorised our potential clients and uncovered some priorities important to them that we were not aware of. This ultimately put us in a far stronger position to win them because we are now focusing on their immediate priorities.

The Sales Market Fit program has given me far more context about where our potential clients are on their buying journey, what is important to them, and what effort we need to apply to help.”

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“Gavin has taken the time to understand our product and process and helped develop practical and powerful tools to articulate our value proposition. Delivering these as part of a cohesive solutions journey has enabled us to work better with our prospective clients to develop a strong partnership-style approach to solving an industry problem together.

Gavin’s advice is always pragmatic and grounded in solid and practical experience. He has been a valuable sounding board during our time together. We have seen an immediate improvement in our deal velocity and have far more control during the sales process.”

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